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Sunday, March 27, 2011

just a litte intro to me,my shop,and my life! welcome and thank you for reading!

Hello everyone my name is Heather i am a 33 year old stay at home mom of 5. I am a minimalist, tree huggin,dread head with a serious passion for natural minimalist beauty and fashion. I currently am the owner and artist behind where i make and sell natural hair and skin care products. I have been making African black soap shampoos for nearly 8 years now but it wasn't until recently that i realized that i realized there was a market for this and that i could share my love,my art,and my creations with other folks longing for something natural and actually beneficial for their dreadlocks!
I work very hard at living a very minimalist lifestyle,and living simply hoping that i can help others to simply live. I'm not new to dreads i am  currently on my second set i had my first set for a number of years and cut them symbolically,marking a new beginning in my life it would be 2 years before i started again.My first set i started entirely with backcombing but this time i wanted to simplify and decided to go with the neglect method and now my dreads are nearly 9 months old...good things come to those who wait. Any way dreadlocks are special to me for many reasons and i really want to help others with their journey as well. i work very hard creating and developing the things i put into my shop,my recipes were not thrown together overnight,ive been doing this for a while and i don't sell anything i don't use myself. dreadlocks require little to no maintenance and you don't need to buy anything i make you could definitely live without it but the bottom line is the products i create are good for your dreads and are beneficial in many ways.Lots of time,trial and error,and a whole lot of love and energy go into my products! I am very OCD about quality i use a higher soap to water ratio than any other sellers out there and that i can absolutely guarantee! We were the original Black soap shampoo seller on etsy and others may imitate but cant come close,making black soap into shampoo isnt a matter of tossing some soap into water and adding some oil that doesn't work! trust me i know ive tried everything and i know what does work!
As you get to know me you will come to realize that money doesn't motivate me,nor does greed,or envy. I will never hesitate to recommend other products to someone if mine doesnt fit their needs! I buy mostly handmade everything from laundry detergent to mama pads and i know where to go and who to talk to when you want the best!
Ive never written a blog before and i will try to hone my skills here with time,i decided to start this blog as a way to get to know my customers,help others when needed and just talk about life in general im a very candid person and im honest to a fault so if you want to know just ask if i know ill tell u like it is thats just the way i am!
please come vist me at the following links please ! i almost always have discount codes on facebook and i quite frequently like to hold give aways!