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Sunday, June 5, 2011

washing your dreads and hair

Ok so i get this question a lot "are your shampoos safe to use everyday?" and my answer to this is NO! there is no such thing as shampoo that is safe to use everyday. First off all your scalp produces sebum to nourish your hair it has to travel from your scalp down the hair shaft and if your washing your hair everyday you are probably doing more harm than good. often times people have dandruff and think washing everyday is the only way to fix it actually your making it worse dandruff often times isn't from dry scalp at all its from an over production of sebum which happens when you are constantly washing and your scalp thinks it needs to produce more sebum for your hair but the sebum isnt getting to the hair ya dig? the answer as strange as it sounds is to STOP washing!!! ok so u gotta wash sometimes and for those times i suggest you use a shampoo with rosemary and lavender or neem oil or even rosemary mint.I really wont recommend anyone wash more than 3 times a week between washing if you cant stand the way your hair looks get creative with scarves,wraps,tams and updo's let your scalp adjust and i always recommend rinsing with apple cider vinegar which you make by adding 1-2tbsp to 2 cups water pour it over your scalp and hair let it sit for 5 mins and rinse well. (no you will not smell like vinegar if you have rinsed properly)

 Washing dreadlocks everyday is not only entirely unnecessary is down right dangerous! ok so if you have dreads you should already know how long it can take for your dreads to dry and for those of you with very long locks that can sometimes be days. Matted hair left wet from washing it every day and never fully allowing it to dry IS going to mildew and mold i dont care what you wash with if your hair remains wet constantly its gonna get funky it will in fact start to stink and mold and mildew will cause dreads to essentially rot which can lead to dread loss. But you will just use a blowdryer you say...WRONG there is no possible way you can get the core of your dreads dry without physically burning the surface its just not possible. you can buy a bonnet style dryer or attachment that you can use to help the drying process if your in a hurry but unfortunately these things werent made for big ass locks.

bottom line hair isnt dirty every day so stop washing it! the only people who tell you washing everyday is good are the folks making the pantene commercials and reality is they only want your money......