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about our products

Welcome to Vital Goods Blog!

we want to help you have the healthiest hair, skin, and dreadlocks ever with the most natural products available!

We are not solely profit driven. We simply want to make any natural products you may need or want available to you in one spot ! Sure some of these things you may be able to make yourself but we understand that buying all the ingredients can be expensive and sometimes inconvenient so were eliminating you having to go through the trial and error of experimenting we've done that already and know we have the best possible products! 
most of our products are 100% natural, halal and most are vegan friendly! We use no artificial colours, preservatives, or parfums, we use minimal packaging and recycled shipping materials when possible!!!
Dreadlocks mean a lot to me and i want to help give back some of what they have given to me !
and yes most all of our products are good for any hair type! not just for those with locs! so please stop by the shop and have a look around!

thinking about starting you locs? or already have locs and just want a lil more education on the subject? then please head on over to dreadlockssite for all the information you will ever need!!!

With our goods and a lil help from the folks at Dreadlockssite your dreads are going to be the best ever!!!!