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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beef With Bronners?

ok so I've seen a lot of what i feel is misinformation over the past few months about Dr bronners soap and dreadlocks. Ive seen quite a bit of info saying its bad and never wash your dreads with it because it leaves residue and i really feel that this is rather inaccurate. Ok so the reason people are claiming its bad is because its superfatted let me take a moment to explain to you what that means. Superfatting refers to the amount of oil and or fat in a batch of soap. Soap is made my combining a mix of lye and water with fat. if you have too much lye you can have a real problem on your hands every single lye molecule must have an oil molecule to attach to so 90% of soapmakers will err on the side of too much oil rather than too much lye. therefore almost ALL soap (especially handmade) is superfatted to some extent that means particularly if you are using a bar shampoo its superfatted to an extent (unless the soapmaker you buy from just happens to have a chemistry degree) does that mean its bad or leaves residue on your hair nope.. no it doesn't. Superfatting can also refer to adding extra fats at trace (trace is the point during soapmaking where the lye and oil have combined to make a semisolid texture) adding fats at trace creates a more emmolient rich final product this also is not bad for your hair or dreads as long as they are MATURE! dreadlocks and hair require a certain amount of oil to keep your hair healthy and your scalp sane! is dr bronners the best thing for your hair or dreads no it really isnt its rather drying IMHO and its hard to get the dilution ratio right but if you like it use it! I had my first set of dreads for a number of years and i used bronners exclusively for the first couple years until i perfected  making the perfect all natural dread shampoo and i definately had not one single bit of residue or build up!
i hope this helps you any of you confused folks understand !
blessings !!!

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