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Monday, August 15, 2011

What about conditioner ?

So i get this question a lot and over the course of the past week a whole lot! How do I condition? Do you sell conditioner? My hair NEEDS conditioner !

I'll start by saying no i don't sell conditioner, and theres a reason for that!
so let me in fact do not need conditioner.first of all Commercial conditioners were made by shampoo companies to combat the damage they are causing with their nasty synthetic chemical shampoo. They fool us into believing that we need to wash and condition our hair every single day in order to have beautiful shiny healthy hair.When its their products that are causing all the problems in the first place! But what an excellent marketing scheme eh? they ruin your hair then sell you another product to fix the damage from the first product its a vicious cycle!

the first thing you may be doing thats causing you to think you need conditioner is washing too frequently! Your scalp is designed to produce all the conditioner you should ever need it's called sebum.when you wash it away daily your scalp thinks you need more so it starts over producing causing your hair to get oily, and literally the solution is to stop washing so much! I know you think im crazy because how can you do that if your hair is all greasy well you can help absorb some of that oil by sprinkling cornstarch onto your Scalp and brushing it through your hair to remove excess oil. Try some different updoos for a couple days because I'm not asking you to go for weeks without washing just decrease the frequency!
No one ever NEEDS to wash more than every other day and I want you to shoot for no more than 3 times per week! I swear on my life you will start to notice a difference after just the first couple weeks! This will allow your scalp to do it's job! If you find the ends of your hair are dry use a little cocoa butter,Shea butter if you have coarse textured hair or a lil aloe or vegetable glycerin if you have fine thin hair only on the ends only when needed!

If you are not using an apple cider vinegar rinse you need to start! I don't care how awesome your shampoo is when you wash you upset your scalp and hairs natural ph level you MUST restore the natural ph every time you wash! This is not optional it's an absolute must! Vital goods shampoos are designed to nourish the the hair it's a painstaking process because in order to retain the nutrients in Shea butter it must never be heated past a certain point I take the time to make sure I do it right and if you want to keep it simple and stop polluting your body and our earth you will do yourself a favor and ACV rinse it is NATURES CONDITIONER!
When you use commercial conditioners you are literally coating your hair in synthetic garbage,it weighs your hair down,makes it artificially soft and you've gotten used to this but it's time to stop! It's no good for you it is causing you more problems than its worth! But I hate the smell of vinegar you say well fact of the matter is the smell will dissipate entirely as your hair only have to smell it for 5 mins while it sits on your head I think you can last 5 mins :)
To make an acv rinse is simple 2tbsp per 2 cups water. Pour it over your scalp and hair leave it on 5 mins and rinse thoroughly !

It doesn't matter if you have dreads or not if you have very straight hair or a very kinky 4c hair type these rules apply to everyone across the board!
So bottom line is it isn't your shampoo causing the trouble ( unless of course your still using a synthetic commercial shampoo) it's what your doing or not doing...

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