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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Be a featured artist!!!

Ok so here's the deal. I have recently launched my own website,and I've been an etsy seller for quite sometime and I do love my etsy, but I wanted to have the freedom to do some of my own things and a website can really open up so many opportunities! So one thing I want to do is help show support for other like minded artists by creating a featured artists page allowing someone else to tell my customers a bit about themselves and what they do and why! and possibly drive a lil more traffic someone else's way :)

So if you are interested in being a featured artist you must do the following...

1)follow my blog and share this blog post. (there is a share on facebook or twitter button on the left hand side of this page)

2)like my shop on Facebook and or follow us on twitter ( this is more about me being able to promote and get to know you than it is about you promoting me)

3) now the hard work.... You must submit to me an essay telling me about yourself,the nature of your business (this will go on your page for the duration of your time please do your best with spelling and grammar :) why you love doing what you do and why you do it. also Explain why you would like to be featured.
you should do this in the comments below :)

4)Provide me a link to your shop, it can be your website,your etsy,your artfire ,blog or wherever else you are currently selling your goods! (I will Gladly post links to all your social sites on the page as well)

And these are the rules..1 submission per person. I don't care if you have 5 businesses. You can only submit for one at any one given time. You must have a viable shop!! online(somewhere), and a functional paypal acct! I'm sorry if this excludes anyone but I hope you understand I need to keep things professional for the sake of my own good standing reputation..and cant have my customers checking out pics on your Facebook page and being asked to send cash in an envelope. lol (yes people still do that) when it is time to choose another artist and you want to resubmit the same business, all you need to do is comment on the new blog post..eventually I may ask for certain themes and such so pay attention ! :) I don't care what kind of artist you are as long as your you mesh well with my philosophies :) I do spend a fair share on advertising on google and facebook etc and i have a very loyal customer base so this is a good opportunity to expand your base and gain exposure!

Disclaimer..vital goods is not responsible for any business deals you make or lack thereof please be smart :)
by submitting you agree to the uncompensated use of your photos,links,writing and artwork etc... for the page for the duration of your feature!

Submissions now will be for the month of Oct! because its gonna take work on my part to build the page for you, so I need time to read the submissions, choose someone, and build a page!
I will be trying to feature someone new every month or so and sometimes I may feature someone who I really feel I need to give a lil extra love to :)

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  1. Yay!!! I just shared on FB. Hope you are feeling better soon...